Board Elections


Footlighters Theater is seeking new Board Members, to be elected at our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 8:00pm.

Joining our Board can be an enriching experience. This unique involvement in community theatre is filled with rewarding opportunities and responsibility. The position is detailed below. If you fulfill the description and would like to be part of an organization committed to theater arts and our community, please email your submission to


As Board Members serve without pay, one of the most desirable qualities for a Board Member is commitment. Our bylaws tie voting privileges to attending a set number of monthly meetings. Board Members must have acquired two (2) years of consecutive, active membership to be eligible for election to a board member position.* Board Members are expected to attend all theater productions and support them through volunteer hours (set building, front-of-house duties, publicity, production needs, etc.) Board Members must be willing and prepared to put the needs of the theater before their own interests in any particular production.

Fundraising Skills

Financial management is one of our board’s most important roles. We expect board members to help meet fundraising and Community Engagement goals.

Promotional Instincts

Board Members must devote time to promoting Footlighters, thus good communication skills are a must. Basic tasks range from writing letters/emails to sharing social media, arranging local media interview/reviews and/or even speaking with local organizations on the theater’s behalf.

Readiness to Learn

An interest in ongoing education and skills building is essential to being an effective Board Member. As the needs of the theater may change, Board Members must show a willingness to learn new skills of all kinds.

Responsiveness to the Public

Our Board must stay in touch with its various constituencies. This includes actors, production teams, patrons and community organizations. Board Members must be committed to strengthening all of these connections.

*Note: A season ticket holder is not a member; theater membership requires a separate annual membership fee.